3. - 7.5.

Susanne Holst  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h


Julia Westlake  "Kulturjournal" NDR 22.45h

  17. + 18.5.

Charlotte Maihoff  "RTL Aktuell" tgl. 18.45h


J. Westlake "Ich trage e. g. Namen" SWR 18.15h

   25. - 28.5.

Sara Bildau  "phoenix vor ort" tgl. ab 13.00h


Vera Cordes  "Visite" NDR 20.35h

   10. - 15.5.

Eva Grünbauer  "SAT.1 Bayern" SAT.1 tgl. um 17.30h


Susanne Stichler  "Panorama 3" NDR 21.15h

       3. - 5.5.

Sabrina Marggraf  "Telebörse" n-tv tgl. 12.00h - 18.00h


Susanne Holst  "Wissen vor acht" ARD 19.45h

       4. - 7.5. Silke Beickert  "rbbUM6" + "rbb24"um 21.45h      5.5.

Franziska Rubin  "MDR um 4" MDR um 16.00h

Silke Beickert  "RON-TV" RTL (BW/RP) um 18.00-h      7.5.
Franziska Rubin  "zibb" rbb um 18.30h
Tina Kraus  "Hier & heute" WDR tgl. um 16.05h      5.5.   K. Easwaran  "alpha-Thema" ARD alpha 22.30h  

We are happy to put together the programme and the trainers individually. In order to arrange a media training effectively, it requires your assistance in advance.

What exactly is this training about? For more certainty in appearance, shorter wording, more voice or rhetoric? Does stage fright bother you? How do you prepare yourself for an interview and do you know exactly what to expect? We would like to offer you our best team. That´s why we need to know: Who should be trained in which sector and for which mission?

You can only answer questions from radio or television journalists appropriately if you know beforehand for which programme and in what lengths your word contributions are desired. Subsequent corrections or the authorisation of quotations, as is usual in print, are generally not possible in radio and TV. If you understand how people work behind the scenes, you can express yourself more precisely in front of the microphone and move more safely in front of the camera.

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