23. - 26.4.

Claus-Erich Boetzkes  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h

29.4. Julia Westlake  "Kulturjournal" NDR 22.45h

29.4. - 3.5.

Claus-Erich Boetzkes  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h


Vera Cordes  "Visite" NDR 20.15h

23. - 25.4.

Susanne Stichler  "Nachtmagazin" ARD tgl. um Mitternacht

30.4. Susanne Stichler  "Panorama 3" NDR 21.15h

6. - 10.5.

Sabrina Marggraf  "Telebörse" n-tv tgl. 12.00h - 18.30h


Susanne Holst  "Wissen vor acht" ARD 19.45h

29.4. - 3.5.

Susanne Böhm  "RTL Nord" (HH/SH) tgl. um 18.00h 24.4. Tina Kraus  Reportage "hier&heute" WDR 16.05h
23. - 26.4. Patrick Dewayne  "Börsenberichte" WELT tgl. 7.15h-12.15h    
29.4. - 3.5.
Eva Grünbauer  "SAT.1 Bayern" tgl. um 17.30h    
23. - 27.4.
Silke Beickert  "rbbUM6" + "rbb24" um 21.45   
TV-Produktion von H&S Medienservice

We design and produce programmes and series for TV stations, shoot business TV videos, interviews, statements and info clips of our moderators and experts. Our customers include associations, institutes and commercial enterprises that require moving images for company presentations, projects or events.

TV productions, image films as well as video clips for the internet presence require - besides the good story - creativity, technical know-how and a well coordinated team.

We are passionate team players and networkers. We produce cost-consciously, shoot with our own equipment or use external technical service providers according to individual requirements.

H&S Medienservice GbR
Rita Schmitt · Tobias Hoffmann
Beim Schlump 84 F
20144 Hamburg-Rotherbaum

T040 450381-31
F040 450381-35
M0172 4023671

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