24. - 28.2.

Claus-Erich Boetzkes  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h

24.2. Julia Westlake  "Kulturjournal" NDR 22.45h

2. - 6.3.

Claus-Erich Boetzkes  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h

1.3. J. Westlake  "Ich trage e. g. Namen" SWR 18.15h
25. + 26.2.

Susanne Stichler  "Nachtmagazin" ARD um Mitternacht

25.2. Vera Cordes  "Visite" NDR 20.15h

26. - 28.2.

Silke Beickert  "rbbUM6" + "rbb24" tgl. um 21.45h

10.3. Susanne Stichler  "Panorama 3" NDR 21.15h


Silke Beickert  "RON-TV" RTL (BW/RP) um 18.00h 27.2. Susanne Holst  "Wissen vor acht" ARD 19.45h
24. + 25.2. Sabrina Marggraf  "Telebörse" tgl. 6.00h - 12.00h 16.2. Franziska Rubin "hr1 Talk" 10.00h - 12.00h
27. + 28.2.
Sara Bildau  "Phoenix vor Ort" tgl. 9.00h + 12.00h 23.2. Susanne Stichler "Wahl in HH" NDR ab 17.45h

  25.2. Tina Kraus  "hier&heute" WDR ab 16.05h

Health columns and series of articles for newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Worth reading about prevention, wellness and nutrition.

for the webpages of hospitals or medical doctors. Popular scientific health information for patients and relatives.

We produce moving image elements such as info videos, statements or short interviews at very favourable conditions. This gives you more "personal presence" on your homepage and, if you wish, on YouTube. Info-Clip / Statement / Interview

In image films or web videos, companies present themselves and their projects in an exciting and easily understandable way. The desired target group firmly in mind, we implement your story in multimedia form - from a 3-minute short presentation on the Internet to a 30-minute information film. Film excerpt "Spurensuche" (Tracing)

"Visite persönlich", the health talk at NDR. A confidential conversation in private - 30 minutes a week. Celebrities and non-prominent courage-makers describe their personal way out of the health crisis.

Health series "DAS! tut gut" at NDR. 380 episodes on health, therapies and nutrition. Everything from a single source! Competently and charmingly presented by Dr. med. Susanne Holst.

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