22. - 26.8.

Susanne Holst  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h


Julia Westlake  "Kulturjournal" NDR 22.45h

       5. - 9.9.

Susanne Holst  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h


J. Westlake "Ich trage e. g. Namen" SWR 18.45h

  13. + 14.8.

Charlotte Maihoff  "RTL Aktuell" um 18.45h


Vera Cordes  "Visite" NDR 20.15h


Charlotte  Maihoff  "Nachtjournal" RTL um Mitternacht


Susanne Holst  "Wissen vor acht" ARD 19.45h


Tina Kraus  "Hier und heute" ab 16.05h WDR


Yael Adler "Ist das noch gesund?" neuer Podcast

   11. - 14.8. Silke Beickert  "rbb UM6" + "rbb24" um 21.45h


Yael Adler  "SAT.1 Frühstücks-TV" ab 9.00h

   14. - 17.8.
Sara Bildau  "heute Xpress" + "heute" ZDF versch. Dienste    19.8.
Yael Adler  "ARD-Buffet" um 12.15h
Medientraining von H&S Medienservice

We live in a society in which comprehensive media presence is becoming increasingly important. For many managers, it is important to be able to express themselves clearly, concisely and precisely on radio and television.

We train you in the art of performing safely and convincingly. A team of highly qualified media trainers, specialized journalists and actors coaches you practically and individually tailored to your requirements.

In small groups or solo, we offer you - besides the classical media training - further course modules that you can put together as required. These include presentation training, camera training, crisis communication as well as various forms of personality training and individual coaching.

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