17. - 21.2.

Susanne Holst  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h

17.2. Julia Westlake  "Kulturjournal" NDR 22.45h

24. - 28.2.

Claus-Erich Boetzkes  "Tagesschau" ARD tgl. 12h - 17.15h

16.2. J. Westlake  "Ich trage e. g. Namen" SWR 18.15h
17. - 21.2.

Eva Grünbauer  "SAT.1 Bayern" SAT.1 tgl. um 17.30h

18.2. Vera Cordes  "Visite" NDR 20.15h

15. - 17.2.

Silke Beickert  "rbbUM6" + "rbb24" tgl. um 21.45h

10.3. Susanne Stichler  "Panorama 3" NDR 21.15h

19. - 21.2.

Silke Beickert  "RON-TV" RTL (BW/RP) tgl. um 18.00h 20.2. Susanne Holst  "Wissen vor acht" ARD 19.45h
20. + 21.2. Sabrina Marggraf  "Telebörse" tgl. 6.00h - 12.00h 16.2. Franziska Rubin "hr1 Talk" 10.00h - 12.00h
20. + 21.2.
Susanne Stichler  "NDR Info" NDR 14.00h + 16.00h 18.2. Susanne Stichler "Wahl in HH" NDR um 18.00h
17. + 18.2. Patrick Dewayne  BörsenNews WELT 7.15h - 12.15h 17.2. Tina Kraus  "hier&heute" WDR ab 16.05h
Vorträge durch Referenten und keynote speaker von H&S Medienservice

Inspire your audience with exciting lectures by personalities who look behind the scenes. We offer speakers and keynote speakers who speak entertainingly, eloquently and very informatively about topics from politics, business and society from their journalistic perspective - about the rapid developments of the new media and a variety of health topics.

These prominent TV presenters, specialized journalists, experts and book authors can reach people to a special degree and give impulses due to their stage presence.

We make your search easy. A selection of the above-mentioned departments will take you directly to the respective speakers. All topics are listed under Lectures in the speaker profile. In individual cases, you can also entrust us with a topic of your choice if it is to be prepared journalistically or popular-scientifically.

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